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Here you can find some tutorials written by me. They are separated into categories. All tutorials are in C++, used compiler is Microsoft Visual Studio (which has a free version for non-commercial use, called Microsoft Visual Studio Express), later I may port them to some other compilers / operating systems (I'm trying to avoid using system-specific functions, but of course creating a window in Windows cannot be done without <windows.h> header). If anyone would like to port these tutorials maybe to Linux, let me know via e-mail.

This series covers step-by-step learning of OpenGL 3.3 and later. As you may know, in OpenGL 3.0, most of old stuff has been deprecated (the fixed pipeline), including the easy-to-use rendering using glBegin() / glEnd() functions and in OpenGL 3.2 removed from core profile. Programming the new way may be more difficult than old way, but the results are worth learning it, trust me. These tutorials are also forward-compatible with later versions of OpenGL.

Covers some basic physics problems, like ball rebouncing. More on later.