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Merry Christmas Everyone!
Hi guys!

Are you surprised after loading this page today? After like 7 years I have finally updated the design of my webpage. Old one was not that good, but it was the best I could do back in 2007 . If you find any bugs, please report them to me somehow . I hope you will enjoy this new design as much as I enjoy it . But if you would from whatever reasons old good design back, just select the theme in the theme list on the right.

I would like to wish Merry Christmas to all of you my dear readers, so that you spend holidays in peace among your family and that you will have a nice little rest from the fast-paced life today .

This is the first step I want to do during my 2 weeks lasting holidays. I want to write the articles to the last 2 tutorials. So be patient and check-in regularly!

Small Update
Hi guys .

Just wanted to post an update of what am I working on now, so that you know what you can expect . I'm gonna have 2 full free weeks during christmas, which means that I am going to have time to work on tutorials.

First thing I would really like to do is to redesign this webpage quite a little. There will always be support for this current, not the best design that I made back in 2007, but I would like to create a more readable design. This is a must-be thing to improve quality of my webpage.

Second thing - after I'm done with webpage remake, I will finally write the articles to the last 2 tutorials, I'm sorry that they're not up yet :/

So I hope you will stay patient and until the New Year's Eve, you can expect some nice things .

26th Tutorial Up!
Hello fellow readers!

I've kept you waiting for almost 3 months, please forgive me :/ But finally, I have managed to upload brand new Shadow Mapping tutorial! Don't forget to check and enjoy it .

However, I still need to write articles for both Bump Mapping and Shadow Mapping tutorials, I just have too few free time and I usually work on tutorials during weekends, when I'm not on some small trip or just resting. So please be patient and be sure I really try to work on my tutorials, however it's pretty difficult to dedicate much time into it.

You can still show me support by either liking my Facebook page:


Or by supporting me directly by donating or becoming my Patron:

Patreon - Megabyte Softworks

So check the new tutorial out . I hope it will make you a little bit happier .

Tutorial Soon
Hi guys!

Of course I didn't keep my resolution to make tutorial on time . But I am really trying and as usual I'm busy being in a band, working fulltime, having a girlfriend and sometimes playing games like BioShock at the moment . But I am doing my best and just know that tutorial is soon to be done .

That's all folks!

Hi guys!

I'm back from my vacation in USA, it was really awesome .

Besides that, I'm working on next tutorial, and this time it is the one you all have been waiting for so long - shadows! First version will be just basic shadow mapping, then I will upgrade this tutorial with more advanced techniques.

I would like to finish it till the end of next week. I really hope I will keep this resolution .

25th Tutorial && Patreon Support
Hello guys!

My 25th tutorial is up! This one is about Bump Mapping, so don't hesitate to have a look at it!

Also, I started a campaign on Patreon - Megabyte Softworks, so if anyone of you out there wants to support me financially, he is more than welcome to do so . You can also support me by simply liking my tutorials on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/MegabyteSoftworks.

The bad news is, that I haven't written the article to Bump Mapping tutorial yet, and I probably won't make it now. I'm travelling to USA in 2 days for a 16 day vacation and to visit my girlfriend, which happens to be there for this summer only. So the article and next tutorial will come after I come home, which will be after 19th September.

My future tutorial plans are roughly following:

Since 25 is a really pretty number, I finally need to review all my tutorials - I mean, many of them have some bugs or incomplete stuff reported, so I will go through each and every of my tutorials and take your reportings into consideration. After that, tutorials will continue, probably with Shadows Tutorial next time.

So be patient for now and enjoy the new tutorial (and also the old ones ).

Going More Social
Hello folks,

today I made a fanpage on Facebook, you can find it here:


I will be glad for any likes I get . So if you like my tutorials, you can show your support this way.

Besides that, I'm making a 25th tutorial about Bump Mapping, and I want to publish it at latest on 2nd of September, because then I will travel to U.S.A. for 17 days on a vacation, so I would like to leave you a present until then .

Article to 24th Tutorial Added
Finally! I caught up with tutorials and their corresponding articles! Article to Animation Pt. 1 - Keyframe Animation has finally been added. I hope you will have fun reading it .

I also decided, that my next tutorial will cover bump mapping, because last two tutorials were pretty complex and long, so now you guys deserve a little bit of relax . Then we can move the shadows, reflections and other stuff like that .

So stay tuned for next updates!

Article to 22nd tutorial added
Finally I have added article to Specular Lighting tutorial. Enjoy .

Last thing that remains undone is 24th tutorial, it doesn't have article yet. This should change in the next few days .

24th Tutorial Up
Another tutorial is here! This one is about Keyframe Animation using MD2 Models. Article is not written yet, I expect to do it by the end of the week or start of next week maybe.

This tutorial is kind of playable - you can move around with arrow keys, attack with control or change animations and select from 4 models.

I hope you will enjoy this tutorial .

23rd Tutorial Repaired

many of you have been reporting, that my tutorial didn't work on nVidia GPUs. And indeed, there was a bug. A small, but significant, as it is typical with bugs. You can now download a repaired version and read about the bug at the beginning of the article .

Plus you can look forward to next tutorial about MD2 keyframe animation running on GPU entirely by the end of this week .

Article to 23rd tutorial added
Hello guys,

I added article to the Particle System tutorial. You can now read it. The only missing article now is 22nd tutorial, so I hope I will have it this week or next week at max .

23rd Tutorial is Up!
Hello guys,

as I have promised (and you know, I always keep my promises and I am always on schedule ), I bring you another tutorial. It's about how to make a Particle System using Transform Feedback feature from OpenGL 3.3. Download and enjoy .

However, I will add article both for specular lighting and this tutorial sometimes this week, so for now, just download and watch . I will post news when I do it.

Masters Title From Informatics
Hello fellow readers,

I want to inform you that I successfully graduated from Comenius University and now I have Masters Title in Informatics . That means two things:

1.) More time for tutorials
2.) More tutorials

Really, now summer is on the doorstep and I really have plenty of free time. So I can definitely dedicate some of it to the tutorials. I really can't say things like no time for it because school / work / band all at once . Now it's work / band and that's not that much .

So be patient and wait a few more days for my next COMEBACK TUTORIAL .

All Examinations Done
Hi there,

I have successfully done all examinations on my university. The last thing that remains happens next Wednesday and then Wednesday two weeks after - STATE EXAMINATIONS. After these, I will finnaly conquer University studies and be done with it forever and ever.

I have tutorial in progress about Particle System and there is a great chance I will upload it here on this weekend. So stay tuned!

(And keep your fingers crossed for me on state examinations ).

Diploma Thesis Done
Good news everyone!

My diploma thesis has been submitted, now I only need to learn for final exams and then I will hopefully end with studies once and for all . This means, that now I should find some time to write new tutorial about Particle Systems.

Meanwhile, I'm living my life, having first concerts with my band, studying and working by all of it as usual. It will be a great relief for me once I have my studies finished. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

I hope you will further enjoy all the content I will be putting here in the future, especially in summer, when I should have PLENTY of free time . So stay tuned!

Small Update
Hey folks!

One of my readers, who started learning from my tutorials, has created a pretty awesome engine - Burngine. You can check it out, it's open source, it looks really great, now a lot more advanced than my simple tutorials . The bro that makes it seems like a really talented coder for his age.

I'm still finishing my Diploma Thesis, working on some stuff at work and so on... as always . However, after 2nd of May, my Diploma Thesis must be submitted, and then I can truly continue making dem tutorials. So just stay patient for a little longer, and wish me luck in finishing these things.

Also, Happy Easter to all my readers .

At Least What's Going On
Dear fellow readers of this webpage,

I didn't update ofr a while, it's because I'm ending University Studies soon and I'm working on my Diploma Thesis plus I have a full time programmer job, as you know, so there's little time left these days (my DIploma Thesis is Computer Vision based, not OpenGL).

Anyway, when this hell of stress and final exams, tests, and Diploma Thesis is over, I want my webpage to grow. If I get rid of this school burden, I will be able to really dedicate some more time for my webpage and tutorials. Diploma Thesis is due to 2nd of May, but the Easter is coming and I know that during Easter days I won't do much, you know that feelind, when you have holidays and you finally go home to your family and friends, you don't have that much of a desire to do your duties.

By that time, wish me luck and be patient !

And thank you all for all kinds of positive feedbacks and thankful e-mails, I'm glad you guys appreciate what I did .

22nd Tutorial (finally) Up
Hello guys,

I have finally uploaded my 22nd tutorial. It's about Specular Lighting. Article ain't written yet, but I'm glad I uploaded tutorial at least .

Next tutorial (23rd) will be about creating particles (which have been used in my projects like The Enchanted Forest or Physicsified) using Transform Feedback Buffers.

So stay tuned!

Hi guys,

last week I finally finished my semester successfully . I had to write some parts of Diploma Thesis in order to pass and also make my project for one of them subjects I was having this semester. Luckily, everything is over, and now I can resume dedicating some time to my webpage .

Before my next tutorial, you can check my project I made for that university subject. It's called Physicsified and it demonstrates usage of Bullet Physics, which I plan to make tutorials of. You can find it in OpenGL Demos section of this webpage. However I must point out, that it was coded pretty much on-the-fly, so code is messy, not working for 100% and so on. But the result is nice anyway.

I also started accepting donations in DogeCoin!!!. If you like this webpage, you should consider donating something, but it's up to you, no pressure ^^. My Dogecoin address is D6SpzhKATRRwxtVccvXecgXAoXc8kySehe (you can also find it in Donate section).

I hope you guys like it and still like me and my webpage, even though I'm so unreliable on my ETAs .

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